2018 Entertainment Lineup!

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Friday Night

5:00PM Festival Begins

8:00PM Thomas Claxton & The Myth


10:00AM Car Show

12-4:00PM Local Talent

5:30PM TBA

7:00PM Josh Sanders

8:30PM Shenandoah

“The new music has given flames to embers that have burned since we started in 1987. It’s been 20 years since our last recordings. The new music is fresh, up to date and allows us to continue where we left off. We feel like we still have so much to say when it comes to music and it gives us the joy of sharing it with country music fans all over the world.”
-Shenandoah lead singer Marty Raybon

Shenandoah’s new single Noise marks a historic moment for them as it has been 20 years since the group has released new music to the country radio

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The Myth is a band of FIVE extremely talented musicians from Savannah, GA in the heart of the Coastal Empire.

The band delivers on high energy shows of modern edge original rock and a variety of cover material ranging from classics like Pink Floyd, Styx, and Zeppelin to modern rockers such as the Foo Fighters and Alice In Chains.

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“Look out for this man. Josh Sanders will be heard. He will be seen. And, you want to have the opportunity to see it. His talent is amazing. It will sure be an experience you don’t want to miss.”  

– Julie HalesEffingham Magazine 

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